Thursday, October 20, 2016

Memoriam Tocks

Most people wake up and see an alarm clock. 
Many times I'd wake up, and the first thing I'd see was this!
(Tocks taken December 2015)

Oh, what I would give to see them again.

TockTober Cellybration!

 HiYa Everyone and welcome to the party!

Hey everyone, thanks for coming by for TockTober Day at TCC. A day we are honoring my late, grate bro Derby.
 TockTober is all his fault with some help from a couple of buns. He had some tock pictures up and Sophia the Diva kitty, along with her sibs buns Fiona and Lando said it should be TockTober.  You can check out his purrthday post from 2008 where it was first discussed HERE. So now we cellybrate it.
So here are my tocks that mum took at some point. I try my best to not let her get tock shots of me. MOL. Although the one below is purrty good too. I think this was from when I first moved in with mum.
 We have to have one shot here of Derby, he was always showing off his tocks. They were mighty fine tocks.
Help yourself to food and refreshments while you check out the other posts, here and around the Cat Blogoshpere. 

Cheers to Angel Derby, I miss you dude, and TockTober! Can't wait to see everyone's posts!
Here is a cute little badge for coming by, even if you didn't post your tocks.
Or a badge like the one at the top.

Happy Tocktober!

and Prancie was too shy.

Happy TockTober Day!

Happy TockTober Angel Derby!!

Miss you bunches

Thanks for hosting today's fun event Ducky.

Happy Tock-Tober TCC!!

We are joining in to wish Angel Derby a Happy Tock-Tober/Happy Birthday today!
We thought this year "Exploring Tocks" would be our theme.

So Happy Tock-Tober and hope you all have a wonderful time showing off your tocks!

Grace's hidden 'tocks!

Grace is a very private little lady-cat. (Not to mention she is ever-watchful for her big son's approach!) She never leaves herself vulnerable, just tucks in those 'tocks and is such a lady!  See??!!

Happy 'Tocktober, everyone!

Tock-Tober Time!

Time to show off our Tocks in honor of Angel Derby!

I'm trying to copy Angel Derby's pose from the poster - good job huh??????

I thought Two Tock Shots were better than one!!!!
Hugs, Sammy

Timmy Tocks and Free Spirit Fitz

Timmy you get over here right now!
*Yawn* I was sleeping why are you bothering me Fitz?
Have you furgotten already after that big speech you gave us about being responsible adult cats!

Check out Ducky, Derby's brofur!

Are you ready Miss Fitz?

A final check of my Tiny Tabby Tocks. Are they ready to show?
Oh yes. Yes. YES.

Miss Fitz your work outs really paid off in that fancyful bottom!

This year no back flower shots. MOL. I want to show the
Smooth Shapely Muscle in my Bustle!
And shapely you are my hot sisfur!
Thank Mew Timmy. Lets see your Tabby Tocks next!

I am following your lead Fitz. I have been working out and...
You call that working out... MOL...
You are a tough customer Fitz, but...

Check out these Tocks!
Meee! Oww! Timmy you are in super shape.
Dad says he is amazed how heavy I am every time
he picks me up.

Timmy those are some nice Tocks. Derby would be proud! 
Thanks Fitz
Tabby's we can't wait to see all your wonderfur tocks 
You bet Timmy. That will be such fun!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

TockTober with Raz and Angel Tamir

It's TockTober!   In honor of our pal Angel Derby!

Angel Tamir sure had super 'tocks, didn't he?

I decided to do my tock shot with a little tail flair.....I think it's kind of artistic and I know Derby would appreciate it!

Happy Tocktober!  We're celebrating on our blog today HERE to teleport over.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hiding in Plain Sight

I am totally, absolutely, positively sure you cannot find me! MOL

Timmy they can see your big feetz you silly
No they... oh... maybe they can after all
You are handsome so no need to hide anymeow
Thanks Miss Fitz

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

We Are Hiding

Hide & Seek Gracie

If you look closely you might be able to see me . . .

. . . if you missed my tail I will give you a hint.

I'm Hiding - So Seek Me!!

FUN!  Hide and Seek!
I love this Dr. Seuss poster of Whoville with all its' wild buildings and crazy streets - so many things to look for in a photo and I probably could have hidden better than I did (!) but see if you can find me................I bet you can but hopefully you'll have fun while you hunt!!
I bet it would be fun to live in Whoville..........on the other hand, I kind of like my real home in Virginia..........
Do you like to play Hide and Seek with your humans?   I do!
Hugs, Sammy